Is institutional capacity the major challenge to programe delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa?






The discussion continues in the development business about the challenges faced by public sector programmes in countries thoughout Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly public health  programmes.

In many instances, these challenges are a result of weak institutional capacity of the organisations charged with implementation of development programmes.

The question is therefore, should recipients of development funding  be required, as a pre-funding condition, to structure their grant management and programmes for better service delivery, or would they need more funding in order to do so and thus enter into protracted
donor-recipient engagement on how much funding should be disbursed before more effective governance and management can take place?



  1. Norman said

    I agree that institutional capacity is a major challenge to programme delivery in Africa. However, we have to factor in the principle cause that incapacitates our institutions which to me, principally, is weak leadership and a severely damaged social structure that cuts across all areas of life including; social, economic and political functions of society.

    • Indeed, Norman. How can Aid be useful in tackling these impediments to development and growth; or should Africa look for alternatives?

      • Norman said

        We have the capacity and without a second thought, we should seek alternatives correlatively as our dependency on Aid reduces. If we seek to tackle weak leadership, weak structural settings, corruption et al; the core should be “strengthening our leadership structures from the roots.” The source of our strength lies in a shared vision of a stronger society right from the cell of community, which is a family. It lies in a commonly held value system and we should uphold our inner self worth and a detemination to break the “chronic illness” of begging and dependence. We have the land, we have the weather, we have the resources, what else do we need? I’ll tell you, a will to succed and cease to be the laughing block of the world.

        If we argue it out in a sense that, more funding will help Africa structure it’s grant management and programmes for better service delivery, it’s like saying a second pair of clutches will help a crippled person strengthen his legs! And to your question, yes, alternatives are the most viable and credible option.

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