About Us

Edes & Associates is a global professional services firm, providing quality, tailored and innovative audit, assurance and advisory services to both public and private sector institutions at local and international level. The firm’s expertise in financial management and project management consultancy and advisory work in developing economies is unrivaled.

With offices in Kampala, Abuja and London and an extensive network of associate consulting firms worldwide, Edes & Associates are able to swiftly mobilise multi disciplinary expert teams in several countries to assist you and your business. Our experienced consultants in financial management, public health, public policy and management, business development and management, procurement and supply management and corporate recovery, possess vital knowledge of your local business and sector environment whilst delivering services with a global perspective. Our business philosophy is anchored on delivering effective solutions tailored to your business and sector needs.

Respected throughout the industry, Edes & Associates is passionate about delivering you first-class service in an ethical manner. We offer innovative development fund management and advisory services that support delivery of results on funding to the public sector, particularly in developing countries. Our clients include national organizations and government departments as well as international development agencies, aid agencies and other NGOs. Our focus is always to bring added value to all our clients, whatever your business may be.

With a wealth of combined financial management and management consultancy experience, we base our entire business ethos on transparency, honesty, subject matter expertise and integrity. Whether we are assessing public funding program management, developing cutting edge business management support systems, promoting organizational capacity development or advising on institutional or business structures, you can rely on our proactive communication, dynamic approach and results driven approach.


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