The team

Edes & Associates is founded on a strong and reliable leadership team. Our senior Partners and Directors possess a wealth of financial consultancy expertise founded on their extensive history of working experience with leading professional services firms inlcuding PwC, Ernst & Young and KPMG.

Edes & Associates has its head office in Kampala, Uganda, with international offices in Abuja and London. The location of its head office in Kampala underpins the firm’s commitment to invest in regions where its accounting and financial management services are needed most.

Quality client service underpins our entire organization, which can only be achieved by employing the most knowledgeable and experienced staff available. At Edes & Associates, we have a team of qualified and highly experienced professional staff and a number of Associate partners worldwide, enabling us to consistently exceed client expectations.

We have built a global network of multidisciplinary professionals in the areas of:

Training forms a core component of our professional development program. We retain young and dynamic graduates and create a challenging environment in which our team members can grow and excel. We recognize that we can only maintain our leadership by developing leaders. This talent development program ensures our clients receive quality and efficient service with good value for money.


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